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Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Separation Agreements, and Appeals

NCDRC-certified family mediators and collaborative attorney offering a professional and child-focused dispute resolution service.

There is a healthy way for spouses to separate and divorce and for families to resolve conflict with grace and dignity. We provide a safe environment where you can discuss practical solutions without the confrontation, expense, and stress of litigation. We can help you fairly divide assets and liabilities, create parenting plans that protect your children from the burdens of divorce, and establish separate, healthy, independent new lives.

Mediation and collaborative divorce improve communication and benefit children. You remain in control while considering options and making decisions about your changing future. You can dramatically reduce the financial cost of separation and can avoid having to go to court.

Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to customize dispute resolution processes to their needs. No two couples or families are the same. Our style is low-key, non-confrontational, and facilitative. We work in short but intensive sessions to give each participant time to process information and to make good decisions.

Our clients have access to a broad range of neutral subject-matter experts, including certified divorce financial analysts, realtors, mortgage loan officers, appraisers, pension valuation experts, insurance agents, and child psychologists. These professionals educate and expand the range of options available. We also work with a small group of trusted attorneys who are supportive of mediation and other non-litigation dispute resolution processes.

Most importantly, we are tireless and relentless in our pursuit of solutions that will benefit all parties.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We view our clients' circumstances holistically.
  • We empower our clients to address their needs and interests, rather than engaging in gamesmanship and positional bargaining, when exploring solutions to conflict and negotiating agreements.
  • Private, out-of-court resolution of disputes is almost ALWAYS preferable to litigation.
  • Children should be protected to the maximum extent possible from physical, mental, and emotional harm and hardship resulting from their parents' decision to separate and divorce.
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