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Marital Mediation

Couples in complex and challenging circumstances can use marital mediation to preserve and strengthen their relationships. Couples in challenging circumstances that are causing stress on their relationships can restore harmony using marital mediation. Issues arise from time to time in every marriage. They may involve finances, in-law relationships, caring for elderly or disabled family members, negotiating family responsibilities, dealing with…

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The role of lawyers in mediation

We recommend that couples have the agreements they reach in mediation reviewed by attorneys and written into a contract called a separation and property settlement agreement. Most mediators will provide a written summary of agreements. But a summary is not a contract and may not be enforceable if one side doesn’t live up to her or his end of the bargain and…

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The difference between court-ordered mediation and our process

In North Carolina, parties who sue for equitable distribution of property, post-separation support, and alimony are ordered by the court to participate in mediation. Court-ordered mediation is different than the mediation that we provide. You and your spouse will sit in separate rooms with your lawyers, and the mediator will go back and forth. You'll spend a lot of time…

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